Sep 26, 2008

Another boring day..

this is called 'Lepak Time!!"... all my friends bored also!!!

ahahha...y this picture so special??? ( eheheh...dont have much credit pun..ekeke) Because y...??? cos the balance showed my Buuuurrrfffday!!! ekekek

Omg!! so pity this this charger & hp...i lend charger for my friends... have to tie up d hp!!

this friend tension nie...he on d line with one of the customer.. maybe he been scold or what...we not really sure!! ekeke...we din do customer's project...then he been scold!!! wakakakak... By the way... is any person wanna get to know him??? anyone?? he still single n still looking.... He is a Sarawakian...FUiyo... kinda rich!!!... now he going to Indonesia for holiday...lone ranger...ekekekek

Sep 20, 2008

im so bored..

im so bored... im so lazy to update here... why ahh.. hopefully nxwk will update it more

Sep 5, 2008

My Station

This is my workplace...where i sit everyday from tidy kan... (Lydia...f tidy...xda keja tu!!!) wakakakka...i got small pillow leh.....

This is the view frm my table.....see... my friend burning somethin... Keh Keh...

This is our whiteboard... all new project or task...will be update here... (but...sometime...they wont update!!...kikikikiki)

Aug 29, 2008

Kicai Ping !

Sometimes when we get boring...sure will go to the canteen and have some 'Kit Chai ice' and ' ubi/pisang goreng'!! wakakka

like what u see in the pic, my friend getting crazy la!! she bite the straw without
holding the drink!!.. kalo tejatuh... menyesal.. haha

Hmm..dis s my Bos's rite..(By d way..the person smart & cool also!!!) Ehehe... Beside his car...Its My Car la!! Looks like...ada jodoh ja!! eheheh...

Aug 27, 2008

Ambik cuti..

Coincidently... my colleague and I were wearing the same shirt and jeans colors. We obviously have the same taste...

One of KK High School's books - They requested us to do a lot of alterations. They even provide us a tissue paper plastic cover which they want us to exactly follow the color of it... isn't that ridiculous...

Tissue paper plastic

Sia mau apply leave tadi.. tpi sia takut jumpa bos.. begegar ni.. haha.. last2 ndak jadi.. bisuk pagi la sia ampai meja dia trus lari... hahaha

Aug 26, 2008

Rest Time

Kadang2.. time rest, kami pigi atas bangunan.. ni kali sia ndak makan keropok.. makan kuih sambil tingu pemandangan indah.. kekeke

Sini la buli jalan2 atas bangunan.. jgn risau kami ndak lumpat punya.. hehe

Dari atas ni.. tu org buat pagar.. dia kasi luas.. supaya ada parking space.. ngam la ni durang kasi luas.. kalau ndak.. mana org mau parking kan..

Ni ja la pemandangan sia dpt.. tingu2 kereta limpas.. tingu org jalan2... heheheh

Bila teda kerja..

Ni kawan kerja sia.. yg baju putih perempuan tu ofis sebelah, pigi menyibuk tempat kami.. yg budak tu bukan pekerja, dia anak boss no3 kami, datang buat hiburan... teda boss kan.. balik suda dia.. bos pun pandai escape.. apa laaa.. kekeke nda ba...

Ni la hasil dia.. siok kan? kami mau minta tapi 1 ja dengan dia.. hehe

TIme balik suda ni.. jammed oh..

Nahh.. ada lori masuk longkang.. nasib ndak tebalik kan.. adehh